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26 free designer photoshop swatches


Here are 26 colour swatches I created using the technique shown in this tutorial.

You can grab them all by clicking the image or the download link below. If you want to select individual swatches, you can do so further down the post.



























































  1. Thank you for the swatches. I haven’t yet figured out how to use them in my layouts, but I know at some point I will learn.

  2. I haven’t used swatches before. I’m looking forward to using all your pretty combinations. Thank you.

  3. Hiya, Miss Jaimee!

    I just wanted totake a moment to thank you again for all the amazing yum you’ve given me (well…and the rest of scrapland! lol) lately! It seems like whenever I find a freebie I absolutely adore, it always seems to come from you! And I have to tell you…the 12 days freebies are thrilling me like crazy. That palette combined with your new fabulous distressing technique is just amazing for the whole year. REALLY coveting your Holly Jolly styles, and those distressing stamps/overlay collection in the hugest way. I haven’t drooled over scrap products like this in a few years, and will grab them all just as soon as I’m able to. Moving and holidays all at once has me well and truly broke at the present, but those are a#1 on the wishlist! I’m not bad in photoshop, but somehow my distressing never comes out as well as I envision, so I’m sure those fabulous bits and your tutorial will have me sorted as soon as I’m able to pick em up. It seems like your products I’ve bought in the past have become my ‘go to’ tools in photoshop, and they always work perfectly! Again, thanks so so much for your generosity, and I wish you a year of joyous blessings and creative inspirations in 2012!

  4. Hi Jaimee, I downloaded them all, but I was wondering how can I put them to use in photoshop? Things that I like to do in PS, are changing the color of a hat, jeans, shoes, walls, etc..,. Can I use these swateches for that or what are they used for? Thanks.

  5. These are sooo helpful! Thanks for the tutorial on how you get them too! This is exactly what I needed to get me going as I am just learning how to design! =) Thank you!

  6. Awesome collection!!! Can’t say enough how much grateful I am for finding your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings to you…

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