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49 free new photoshop colour swatches!

Here I am again sharing some more colour swatches!

Looking for a little colour inspiration boost?  Come on! Don’t be shy!

Simply click on the palette you like to download the aco file or scroll to the bottom to grab them all in 1 download.

Remember I LOVE comments:)




















































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    • Thanks for the nudge I needed to learn something new. I need to figure out how to get them into my color area! Thanks for putting the colors together, I am not good at that at all.

  1. I’m new to digi scrapping & can use all the help I can get. Thank you so much for the color inspiration!

  2. This opens up the door to color that I’ve always been afraid to open- or that I feared would be disastrous were I to do so. THANKS ever so much!!!

  3. i just had to write to thank you for your colour swatches. I have always done tone on tone pages because although I draw,paint etc when I look at a scrapbook page the colours just drain out of my head and this idea of yours is fantastic…thanks so much for taking the time to make them…Leza

  4. Thanks for the color swatchs. Wishing the codes were on them but then I supposed they wouldn’t match all computer screens…

    • Hey Geri – that is true – you could always load them up into a color picker program or open them up in a graphics program and use the color picker. If you have PS / PSE – you could load the ACO file. I also have a number of color inspirational palettes here: with the hex codes:)

  5. I can’t tell you how NICE this is! Very helpful for a new designer and I have a hard time deciding on a swatch color because I like them ALL! LOL! This is awesome! Hope you’ll do more! =)

  6. Found another collection of color palettes from dribbble designers.. check

  7. I’m a illustrator and now trying to study some of the graphic design stuff. And your swatches are amazing! thanks so much for sharing these and let us to use! they look so pretty!

  8. These are all so fun! I appreciate SO MUCH that you share them!! They are just beautiful! Thank you!!

  9. I do really like all your swatches !
    Only problem I have is with some of your files (I use CS6 on OSX) I have an error when I try to open them (” Unexpected EndOfFile ” or something like it but something with EOF sounding like the file is not correct.) I’m sad : (

    Are you certain all files are working or I’m the only one having a problem here ?
    Maybe it’s a connection related issue but who cares…
    Anyway, Nice work !

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nelson – this post was made years ago before CS6. I had no idea that there were any problems with these aco files and I’m sad that Adobe hasn’t made swatches backwards compatible – could you please email me (or use the contact form) which files you are having problems with?

  10. i am just learning photoshop… backwards it seems since the third thing i did in photoshop was load a style and apply it cuz it was so pretty, then I tore it apart to see why it worked. A month later I learned how to embed a second image over the first. Now I have about 12 hours into Photoshop and trying how to figure out how to keep my colors consistent. Waalaa! swatches!! I never thought I would like Photoshop so much!!! Thank you dear jaimee for these lovely treats!

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