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Creatively using brushes for digital scrapbooking video tutorial + FREE brush sample!

Hey everyone:) I made a video that hopefully may inspire a few people to use brushes more in their layouts. In this video I show you how cool it can be applying styles to brushes and how to erase/mask brushes toΒ  you liking. This video is not only useful for digital scrappers but also for designers – this technique is also very useful for creating brushed clusters and page borders!

To go along with this video, I have made a brush sampler for you to use along with the video. So.. grab a kit from your stash, load your brushes.. and let’s mess up those layouts!

Download Brushes

Here is the video tutorial:


    • it is possible – I don’t have elements on my computer so I’m not quite sure the exact method to create a style – might have to invest in PSE so I can provide tutorials for both:)

  1. Hey Jamie,
    I was a little confused in the beginning as to why you didn’t clip papers to the brushes but……………..creating them as styles makes it so much faster and easier to get fantastic results. Thankyou so much for sharing this tutorial………it is something I never knew about. Thankyou for your generosity with the brushes and the tip about high res brushes from actual designers instead of ones from the web. xx kel

    • Hey Kel:) Thanks for the comment – it’s true though that PSE users may still have to stick to clipping papers to brushes as I am not sure making styles from papers work for them:) Have fun!:)

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful brushes and the tutorial, I learned a lot being new using brushes, and fun fun playing!

  3. i know it really takes time to do this, not to mention so much effort…so im really thankful that u can post all these things and we can get it free. thanks so much. may ur talents increase more and more!

  4. Thank you so much! I just used the tutorial and your brushes for the first time. It all worked marvelously! I think I’m going to be hooked on brushes from now on. Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much for the brushes and the tutorial. The brushes are a fantastic freebie!!!
    On the discussion of PSE, I am using PSE10 and after seeing your tutorial I found that it is probably quicker to just clip the paper to the brushed design. This is why…I made a pattern from a paper and saved it, however I could not find a way to actually make a style from a pattern in PSE. The saved pattern of the paper can be applied directly to the brushed design by opening the pattern and using the bucket tool to fill the brush design with the paper pattern–that is if the brushed design is all connected, i.e. not a splatter. If the brushed design is a spatter (parts not connected) then I had to add a layer above the brushed design, use the bucket tool to fill the layer and clip the layer to the brush design. So if it is a splatter, it is quicker just clip the paper in the first place.
    I hope this make a little sense. Thanks again.

    • yes I’m completely aware of clipping papers to brushes – in PSE it does makes sense. My purpose of this tutorial was to show a quick way to add styles in PS and experiment by clicking the styles – when you go through the trouble of opening a paper and clipping it to a brush and then realizing you don’t like that paper and going to open another – it can be time consuming. I do this A LOT when I design my kits – so I make a load of layer styles so I can exchange the style of my brushes / elements quickly:)

  6. Thank you so much. This was a fantastic tutorial. I’m a PSE user and I was able to turn the patterns into a style. (I think.) I followed your steps of Edit>Define Pattern. The trick was then finding those patterns again. If I use the Pattern Stamp Tool I can put different patterns in my brushes. I can’t click through my options as smoothly as you do (it’s more of an undo/redo game) but it works. Thanks again!

  7. Oh my word. Just read your interview on The Daily Digi and was interested in seeing the brush tutorial you mentioned. I was not at all disappointed and have found a new love for brushes (and styles). Thank you so much Jaimee!

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