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Pocket Page Scrapbooking Process with Gaelle

Pocket Page Scrapbooking Process

Pocket Page Scrapbooking Process

with Creative Team Member Gaelle

Hello ! Gaelle here and I am happy to share with you my Pocket Page Scrapbooking Process with you. I love pocket page scrapbooking because I think it’s easier to keep up with memory keeping.

1. Choose your photos

The 1st step for my pocket pages, is to choose the pictures I want to scrap. Last year, my son went on a school trip by the sea and I never scrapped the pictures the teacher gave me. I think it’s time… one year later… I’ve selected around 15 pictures.

2. Kit and / or template

The 2nd step is to choose a kit and / or a template. I’m a template addict so I’ve chosen a kit and a template and the June Storyteller collection goes perfect with the sea theme of my pictures.
June Storyteller collection, available at the Lilypad > link

 photo jj-st16june-coll-prev-900_zps2mcrw33d.jpg

and the template from the collection. I will use the template on the right.

 photo folder_zpshgnl97pi.jpg

3. Pictures treatment

Now that I know exactly how many pictures I need, my 3rd step is the picture treatment. I love black and white pictures, I think it’s easier for the colors. For that, I (try) to use Lightroom, but you can use your scrap software.

4. Pictures placement

My pictures are now ready, the 4th step is to place the pictures on the template and see how it goes together.

Here’s the template :
 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_1_zpsy66szbrx.jpg

For that, I hide all the elements :

 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_2_zpsflbcbees.jpg

all the papers and journal cards, I’ve only the pictures places.

I clip my pictures.
 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_3_zpskz4r1r2e.jpg

5. Papers and journal cards

My pictures are placed and now the 5th step is to place the background papers and journal cards.

The template had some of them, I’ve keep some journal cards but have changed the background paper.
 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_4_zpsfsdkev1w.jpg

When I want a clean & simple pocket page, I skip the next step.

6. Elements

In Jaimee’s kit there are always so cute elements to customize your page and make it unique, I will place some elements. It’s the 6th step of my process.

 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_5_zpsbe8yqnir.jpg

7. The story

The 7th step is maybe the most important step for a pocket page : the story. For the journaling, I use a typewriter font but I love handwritten fonts too. For this one, I’ve used the font Kingthings Trypewriter 2.

 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_6_zpsl0gfoj2w.jpg

8. The title

My page is not yet finished, the 8th step is the title. For titles, I love playing with the alphas in Storyteller’s collection, there are always cute alphas. In this page, I’ve used 4 alphas !

 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_7_zpsallxecp0.jpg

Hmm… Looks great…

9. Some paint

The 9th step is not necessary but always fun : add some paint. Here I’ve only add few paints on the background but you can add them on top of the pictures, or where ever you want…

 photo Ga_L-pocket-page-process_8_zpsm4sije4a.jpg

10. The shadows

Here’s the 10th and last step of my process : the shadows.

 photo Ga_L-2016-05-20-Just-Jaimee-June-ST-1200x1200_zpssiluctg4.jpg

My page is finished and will have a special place in my 2015 PL. My son loves it because it reminds him good moments with his teacher and friends.

My Pocket Page Scrapbooking Process is now finished, I hope you enjoyed it !

Thanks for reading this.



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