CU Retirement Vault Membership

$2,320.00 $29.99

Now exclusively available on the Just Jaimee web site is full access to my CU retirement vault.

472 Commercial use friendly products that have been retired, never to be sold again.. until now.

With the CU Retirement Vault Membership, you can pay a ONE TIME membership fee to get access to my CU Retirement Vault for life!

How does it work?

Simply add this membership product to your cart, check out and after your payment goes through, you will have a CU Retirement Vault membership which will give you access to see and add all the products to your cart and download at anytime for your convenience!

But I have many of your retired products, is it worth buying this membership?

Even if you have a number of these retired products in your stash, the price of the membership is the price of approximately 6 products. So if there is 100 you don’t have – or even 20! It’s worth it!

Do I get access to your future retired CU products?

YES! BUT… Retired CU products will ONLY be added to the vault 1 year after retirement. So if I retire 30 CU products March 31 2017, it will be in the vault April 1st 2018. Is the membership still worth it? I think so!

Do I get access to your current CU products?

No, only access to retired products NOT for sale will be granted.

I am a member – where do I pick up my goods?

You can add products any time by logging in and going to the CU Retirement Vault category