Live for Today Collab with Studio Basic Designs


This collab with Studio Basic Designs is PACKED FULL of girly, pinkish, kraft love!

Have you indulged a little? Need to enjoy something for yourself? Try out this fun and very versatile kit.


Elements include: Accordion Flower ‰÷É Ampersand acrylic button with and without shadow ‰÷É kraft striped tape ‰÷É busted word bit ‰÷É distressed pink button ‰÷É caught word bit ‰÷É C'est la viw stamp (1 solid 1 distressed) ‰÷É misted chevrons ‰÷É chevron outline stamp ‰÷É veneer arrows with and without shadow ‰÷É 2 date circles ‰÷É take time to do what makes your soul happy word bit ‰÷É favorite circle ‰÷É 3 variations of doodled flowers ‰÷É corrugated cardboard frame ‰÷É circle frame ‰÷É good stuff painted art ‰÷É happy me writing ‰÷É 2 heart circles ‰÷É heart strip cutout ‰÷É happy callout letterpress and cutout ‰÷É hexagon cutout ‰÷É hey there word strip ‰÷É I indulge in random self amusement word bit ‰÷É I saw that word bit ‰÷É keep calm and indulge a little ‰÷É life is so sweet word bit ‰÷É like like today iwas your last word bit ‰÷É love this circle ‰÷É film negative frames ‰÷É piece of old newspaper ‰÷É chevron page cutout ‰÷É painted page wash ‰÷É painted chevrons ‰÷É paint stroke ‰÷É doodled newspaper heart ‰÷É randomness arrow ‰÷É 2 variations of glitter star pennants ‰÷É acrylic stars ‰÷É paint splatter ‰÷É arrow with stars on it ‰÷É machine stitching with and without shadow ‰÷É stapled tab ‰÷É 3 chevron tags ‰÷É the little things ‰÷É this is me word bit ‰÷É  today outline word ‰÷É today journal card overlay ‰÷É stitched today cardboard word with and without shadow ‰÷É today's adventure ‰÷É folded twill ‰÷É washi tape ‰÷É you only live once but if you do it right once is enough cutout and solid block ‰÷É yum yum word bit ‰÷É wood arrow ‰÷É  wood chevrons ‰÷É ribbon bow ‰÷É  5 callouts recolored ‰÷É  6 butterfly tabs cutouts recolored ‰÷É 2 buttons ‰÷É corrugated cardboard camera ‰÷É painted circles on kraft newsprint ‰÷É doily ‰÷É  ripped paper edge ‰÷É  ephemera ticket ‰÷É doodled flower ‰÷É  burlap flower ‰÷É old frame ‰÷É cutout hang tag ‰÷É  6 recolored heart cutout tabs ‰÷É  journaling paper ‰÷É 5 labels ‰÷É doodled leaf ‰÷É bike charm ‰÷É metal chicken wire ‰÷É 3 variations of paper cutouts ‰÷É  ribbon ‰÷É stapled ribbon ‰÷É ricrac ‰÷É rosette ‰÷É scribble ‰÷É 4 variious mixed media stamp brushes ‰÷É tab ‰÷É hang tag ‰÷É 5 recolored doodled tags ‰÷É cuout ‰÷É be happy word ‰÷É  moments like this word bit ‰÷É  us metal word ‰÷É today word bit ‰÷É enjoy the little things word bit ‰÷É love doodled word ‰÷É awesome word bit ‰÷É happiness word bit ‰÷É real life arrow word bit