Ice Cream Elements


This set of elements were created in co-ordination with the April 2014 BYOC.

Scrap and document those priceless photo's of the family ice cream trips! These elements will help you build the perfect page.

Included are over 70 elements: ‰÷É 4 different cent badges ‰÷É acetate frame ‰÷É cherry tag ‰÷É 2 rubber chevron elements ‰÷É gingham bow ‰÷É stamped chevrons ‰÷É metal clip ‰÷É come in we're open ‰÷É eat more ice cream word art ‰÷É metal fastener ‰÷É ice cream flar and flat circle ‰÷É striped flair and flat circle ‰÷É 5 recolored flowers ‰÷É 2 wood frames ‰÷É 3 different ice cream cones ‰÷É ice cream mouth word art ‰÷É 2 ice cream trucks ‰÷É i heart ice cream ‰÷É i scream for ice cream stamp ‰÷É it's a nice day ‰÷É 6 recolored leaves ‰÷É metal frame ‰÷É milk cap ‰÷É gelato brushes ‰÷É dotted painted mat ‰÷É 6 different popcicles ‰÷É got ice cream popcicle stick ‰÷É blank and striped popcicle stick ‰÷É rubber hearts ‰÷É sequins ‰÷É so many flavors ‰÷É splatter ‰÷É sprinkles ‰÷É striped straw ‰÷É there's always room for ice cream ‰÷É wood veneer arrow ‰÷É heart veneer ‰÷É 2 strips of washi tape ‰÷É with a cherry on top ‰÷É without ice cream badge ‰÷É yes please circle ‰÷É you are the sprinkles on my ice cream ‰÷É you melt my heart ‰÷É yum yum!



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