Storyteller Kenner : Word Art


Full of bright and bold colors great for any time of year, Storyteller Kenner (September) edition will fill you with happy feelings as you build your pages and document your memories.

This set includes
50+ Word art pieces: Autumn is here, binge watching, chillin’ on the couch, cool, de-lish,down time, favorite searson, favorite / favourite, first day of spring / fall, good eats, good job!, good times, great day, Hello September, hello!, hello (stars), hey there!, in the kitchen, instalove, life is short, love me a good book, my fave, new season, no way!, nope., oh gee!, oh hey! x 2, oh the drama, on the menu, our life, photo, progress, rad, kindle love, signs of fall / spring, so happy together, spring is here, sweet, tv time, this week, this, to do, today (stars), today, togetherness, what’s cookin’ good lookin’, wind down, xoxo, yes!

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