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Toothpick Pennant tutorial

So .. as I’ve been kicking up lately and designing more kits – I realized that I wanted to make something and I didn’t have the toothpicks in my CU stash to make a pennant.. well that isn’t a problem – grabbed a toothpick and scanned it:) But I realized – It would be super cool to have some kind of a pennant builder – something I can re-use and look cool. I thought, I’ll bet I’m not the only one who might like that idea.. so.. drum roll…

I made this:

‘Toothpick Pennants’ .. or flags .. or whatever you want to call them haha. A set with 4 toothpicks / wood skewers and 8 pennant shapes made from cardstock. I bent and shaped the pennants and extracted them so all you have to do is clip a paper or change the color of the extracted pennant shapes – maybe fool around with the levels / curves and or, use your burn and dodge tool to get the final look you want – and there you have created another super cool, trendy and unique element!

So .. wanna make something cool like this?

Here is a rough tutorial on how to customize your little pennants in photoshop or photoshop elements 🙂

So open up your stick and pennant and place them / re – size them to your liking.

Then you may either re-color the flag / pennant or you can clip a paper to it.

Now this is the experimentation part! Depending on the paper color, you may try blending options multiply or color burn then altering the opacity and / or the levels of the layer which you changed to multiply or color burn.

For the paper below, I found that hard light worked well, or close enough.

The trick in making the paper look as close to possible to the state it looked like before the blending option is

to either adjust the levels or the curves of the paper layer – see both images below to see what I did.

To find the curves in photoshop, go to image > adjustments > curves

To find the levels in photoshop, go to image > adjustments > levels

For the final touch you may want to grab your burn / dodge  tool and select a soft round brush to darken / light up

the areas to create the natural depth of the wrapped portion of the pennant. Compared with the left side below, you

can see I slightly darkened  the groove of the pennant

And – there you have it! Not toooo bad:)

Till next time!


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